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Our Story

Nabila & family

Nabila Bashir-Bello founded Nabs And Babs in honor of her brother, Babatunde "DJ Babus" Bashir-Bello, who passed away from COVID-19 in January, 2021. Nabs And Babs is a combination of their nicknames and is inspired by the life of DJ Babus.

DJ Babus

DJ Babus was a special individual who lived life to the fullest by following his dreams, taking every opportunity to do good, and working hard to be the best he could be. Inspired by his fearless approach to life, Nabila knew it was time to make her own dream of starting a fashion brand a reality.

DJ Babus

Nabs And Babs truly believes in doing what you love and loving what you do. We are a brand that is all about love and connectivity. Our pieces are inspired by our connection to the world and to the people who bring us joy.

DJ Babus

The designs are sophisticated yet effortless, fun yet meaningful. We pride ourselves on uniqueness in innovation and transparency through design and material sourcing. Both fine and demi-fine pieces are timeless in their elegance and purposeful in their construction.